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Beautifully adorned by the Arabian Sea, Kochi, also known as Cochin, is one of Kerala’s top sightseeing  destinations because it successfully combines the allure of the past with the thrilling beauty of the today. God’s Own Country’s beautiful city, popularly known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” is situated in the Ernakulam district and has long been a popular tourist destination. If you are looking for the best Kerala tourism packages the Kochi is a wonderful place

Kochi, Kerala’s most populous and significant port city, exhibits a diverse range of cultural influences. The city still mirrors the spirit and aura of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British centuries in more vibrant ways. It has also served as a significant hub for the trading of spices for nations like Syria, the Arab world, China, and several other Asian nations due to its location along the Arabian Sea shorelines.

Kochi is a true melting pot of history and culture and was named one of the “50 Greatest Places to Visit in a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Despite the city’s international outlooks, its strong cultural and traditional values keep it rooted to its native roots. A visit to this exciting port city is a must if you are considering a vacation to Kerala.

Place to Visit in Kochi:

By far, Kochi is a beautiful place to stop and relax amidst its upscale surroundings. The backwaters, beaches, and hill towns of Kochi will leave you in wonder; this state in the south is dazzling with a jade green radiance and towering palm trees. Due to the abundance of flora and fauna, Kochi is best regarded as a scenic resort. You can also explore other lovely locations in the state through our Kochi trip package. You can get the top most places to visit in kochi:,

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi, historically a hub for spice traders from all over the world, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Cochin. A walk around this area.

Vasco House

The Vasco House on Rose Street in this port city is one such lively example of how Kochi is a melting pot of history and culture. It is one of India’s oldest heritage homes and is thought to have been Vasco da Gama’s home.

Santa Cruz Basilica

One of the nine basilicas in Kerala is the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, popularly called Kottepalli, at Fort Kochi in Kochi. This church, which is one of the best and most impressive in India and is listed as one of Kerala’s heritage buildings, receives visitors all year long. It is a place of worship as well as a centre of historical importance, decorated in gothic-style colours and with magnificent architecture and artwork.

Bolghatty Palace:

The Bolgatty Palace, which was built by the Dutch in India, is situated on the Bolghatty Island in Kochi, Kerala. This charming residence was constructed in 1744 by Dutch tradesmen and is one of the first Dutch palaces still standing outside of Holland. It was later expanded and surrounded by gardens. Later, in 1909, the structure was leased to the British. At the time, it served as the Governor’s mansion for the commander of Dutch Malabar.

During the British era, it served as the residence of the British Governors and the location of the British Resident of Cochin. The palace was transferred to the state in 1947, the year India attained independence, and was eventually transformed into a heritage hotel resort. Currently, Bolgatty Palace has a pool, a 9-hole golf course, ayurvedic centre and daily Kathakali performances and is a holiday destination for Indian and overseas tourists. There is a temple dedicated to Shiva that is the first of its kind in Kerala.

Hill Palace

Hill Palace is a palace and archaeological museum that may be found in the Tripunithura neighbourhood of Kochi, Kerala, India. It served as both the Cochin Maharaja’s official house and the imperial administrative centre, making it the state’s largest archaeological museum.

The palace complex, which spans 54 acres and includes 49 structures in the classic architectural style, was constructed in 1865. (220,000 m2). A children’s park, a prehistoric park, a deer park, and a heritage museum are all part of the complex. [1] There are various unique species of medicinal plants on the museum property. The Kerala State Archaeology Department has currently turned the palace into a museum that is open to the public. 

Jew Town

One of the oldest parts in the area is Jew Town. Around 700 BC, this is where the Jews first arrived in India, where they remained until they emigrated to Israel. The synagogue in this area is renowned for being well-built aesthetically and still standing today. Between Mattancherry Palace and Paradesi Synagogue are a number of little lanes. A market selling antiques and oddities exists.

Visit Chinese Fishing Nets

Kerala’s Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi are a must-see tourist destination. These are fixed land structures that are employed in a certain way for fishing. These nets are fastened to bamboo and teak poles, holding them horizontally while being pulled into the water by large machineries. Large stones that are fastened to ropes weigh down these nets.

The Chinese fishing nets have a height of about 10 meters and each one extends to a height of 20 metres over the body of water. They are manned by a group of six fishermen. A net cannot be repeatedly worked in tidal waters since each net has a fixed operational depth. Depending on the tide, different fishing nets are used for different types of fishing.

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